Helping Keep Your Workplace Safe!

My Experience

class3Workplace injuries and illnesses can be very costly, especially when you add time loss, production loss, extra wages, training expenses, insurance rate increases, attorney fees, OSHA citations, decreases in employee morale, and the burdens placed on the injured worker.

With over 30 years of workplace safety, personnel management, and human resources experience, I understand how businesses operate, and the importance of having a proactive occupational safety program.

Working with a wide range of business and industry, that has included; farming, ranching, trucking, landscaping, educational organizations, construction, logging, automotive dealerships, high tech manufacturing, painting and refinishing, powder coating, medical facilities, administrative, wood products, aircraft parts manufacturing, fire services, EMS, property management, motels, welding and fabrication, housekeeping and janitorial, just to name a few.

Work Safety Services has taken on many businesses having no safety programs, being of high risk, excessively high Worker Compensation Insurance rates, and high accident rates. With our proactive safety programs, those companies have experienced lower risks, lower Worker Compensation Insurance rates, lower accident rates, and many have even achieved the Oregon OSHA “SHARP” Award, Oregon OSHA’s highest recognition.

My clients include various types and sizes of businesses, from 3 employees to over a 100, from agriculture to office clerical. I am very proud to provide new prospects with my business referrals.